About THAT!


THAT! works to provide innovative, convenient solutions for your kitchen, dining room, and life. With its design oriented eye, it scrutinizes consumer needs and simplifies what needs to be done. Combining material technology with lifestyle aesthetics, it creates products replete with everyday practicality, great design, and advanced technology, for solutions that appeal to your senses and restore ease to the hustle and bustle of contemporary living.



THAT! first focused on temperature vs. time. Using a combination of material technology, industrial design, and lifestyle aesthetics, it created a series of innovative, convenient kitchenware and dining products that help make life simpler and better. When first faced with our avant-garde designs, most people can’t help but exclaim, “Wow! That’s amazing!”



DESIGN From design thinking to careful observation, design guides us every day as we reflect, reconstruct, and search for new insights within our daily activities.
INNOVATION New insights, obtained through innovative programs and newly integrated material technologies, enable us to achieve new lifestyle proposals.
PRACTICAL New lifestyle proposals, beyond being innovative, must resolve real user issues in practical, intuitive ways while preserving room for user freedom and creativity.